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Welcome to Coração de Cacau

Welcome to our growing tribe, dedicated to reconnecting with the heart and anchoring light on this planet. Our gatherings, held in the beautiful landscapes of Portugal, serve as portals of remembrance, reminding us of our life's purpose and offering a safe space for authentic expression and connection. Led by Momo, our guardian, we harness the power of Sacred Cacao to facilitate deep heart-opening experiences and transformative journeys. Through ceremonies, meditation, music, and movement (ecstatic dance), we create rich and immersive experiences aimed at nurturing the mind, body, and spirit.

Momo, the heart-centered guide behind Coração de Cacau, embodies the essence of love and connection. With a profound relationship to Sacred Cacao and a commitment to serving the greater good, Momo facilitates heart-centered experiences through sound healing, movement practices, and sacred ceremonies. His dedication to the path of love extends to his role as a father and his commitment to sharing his gifts with communities around the world.

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What our community says

coração de cacau testimonial

One word; magical.

Every time I stepped into the dome, it felt like stepping into another dimension. All together as one. I could feel the light we created. I loved the dancing and singing together the most. Freeing my body and voice. Feeling things I never felt before, like some kind of wild animal wanting to come out. We are nature. It was completely out of my comfortzone but it made me grow in ways I didn’t expect. Love for all of you 💛.

If you want to go deep in connection with yourself and others, I would recommend this so much. It would make the world a much more loving place. We are in this together 🙏🏻✨

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Gwen van Dinther

Momo creates a space where you can come back home to your heart and really feel deeply human. I am so grateful for the space he creates which has enabled me to process my wounds and connect deeply with myself and with other incredible people, soul to soul.

It's a space for empathetic warriors to feel and share love and be held. Everyone needs to experience this- the most beautiful part of being human, the part we are all missing in the modern world. Thank you ❤️✨❤️

Leila Simpson

The Vibrant Gathering was phenomenal. Like a piece of art the organizers orchestrated an array of sacred activities in a way that brought a blossom to bloom.

A blossom where each participant is a petal, and the strong and safe group energy allowed each to step out of one‘s comfort zone, and experience joy, healing and ecstasy beyond normal capacities.

If there is one word to describe this, it would be sacred connection, synonymous with intimacy – connection with myself, with others, and with Source.

So grateful to have experienced this, as I am taking this force, empowerment and heart-expansion with me. Until next time!

Uli Pappa

My experience at the Vibrant Gathering was incredible. I was able to open parts of myself that I didn't even know were blocked. I could explore my sensuality and dance freely. I connected with others and myself in ways I have never before. 

Mariana Ha

Coração de Cacau events

Coming Soon
Coração Equinox Gathering
20th - 22nd September 2024

Special participations

Ecstatic Life Gathering
Cacao Sunset Dance
28th July 2024
Medicine Festival
Medicine Festival
14th - 19th August 2024
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