Welcome to Coração de Cacau

We are a beautiful ever-growing Tribe of humans that get together with the purpose of retrieving the connection to the heart. We aim to anchor more and more Light on this planet by activating the Light within each individual.

These gatherings are a portal of remembrance to the potential of our existence, a reminder that aligning with your life's purpose is achievable right now. We create a safe container where everyone is welcomed exactly as they are. There is space for laughter, sadness, anger, ecstasy, there is freedom to express your sensuality, your sexuality, your childlike innocence, and to choose in every moment how you want to give yourself.

What does a CDC gathering look like?

In CDC gatherings we work with the Sacred Medicine of Cacao to open the hearts to the fullest experience available to each. We are deeply connected with this medicine and we honour it with our service, maintaining always the essence of our deepest truth in this service. We believe deepy in the powerful alchemy that happens when you join ancient tradition with the New Earth truth that resides in each one.

Our gatherings are usually comprised of a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Guided Meditation, Human Connection Exercises, Live Medicine Music, Ecstatic Dance Set and Grounding with Sound Healing/ Gong Bath. For each gathering we invite amazing local and international musicians to bless us with their sound.

In our retreats we also include practices such as Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork & Ice Bath, Emotional Release Practice, Singing Circles, and more. For each retreat we invite powerful heart-connected facilitators to co-create with us, creating an incredibly rich experience.

The Core of Coração

The Guardian of this Project is Momo, devoted to serve the Light and Love on Earth, materializing the service that is asked of him with full commitment.

About Coração de Cacau

About Momo

To describe Momo in one word, it would be - HEART.

Momo's medicine is his ability to bring the energy in a space into deep Heart-connection. He guides with softness and simplicity and creates an environment that feels true and safe for those in it. He serves his purpose of connecting people to their Heart through Sound Healing, Inner Child Activation, Embodied Heart Connection (a practice he developed which combines Movement, Conscious Intimacy and Breathwork), through creating deep Ecstatic Dance journeys and through Sacred Cacao Ceremonies.

Momo has a profound relationship with the plant medicine of Cacao, and is dedicated to serving Her in his very unique way. His deep commitment to the Way of Love is expanded by being a loving father to two beautiful Light Beings and he pours out this Love into every thing he does. ​

Get a Taste: DJ Amore Momo's SoundCloud & Mixcloud Sets

Momo has been dedicated fully to offering his medicine since 2017. He shares his magic, facilitating and playing for thousands of people per year in Portugal as well as abroad, in events of his own like the Vibrant Gathering and many more, but also others like Boom Festival, Sacred Soul Gathering, Ecstatic Life Gathering, Ecstatic Dance Paris and Ecstatic Dance Zurich. In the year of 2024 he will participate for the first time in the Medicine Festival in the UK.

Here are the ways you can find or hire Momo's service:
 •  Retreats
 •  Events
 •  Ecstatic Dance Sets
 •  Private Ceremonies (Cacao & Rapé)
 •  1:1 Therapies

About Cacau

Ritual cacau for cacau ceremonies

What is Cerimonial cacau? We are asked this question again and again. Unlike chocolate, which is made from roasted cocoa beans, raw cocoa is full of beneficial and energizing ingredients thanks to minimal processing and the omission of the bean roasting and has an almost magical effect for many people. For this reason, our raw cocoa is particularly suitable for preparing so-called "ritual cocoa" for cocoa ceremonies.

As early as the Mayan and Aztec times, the cocoa plant was revered thanks to its vitalising effect and it was worshiped in drinking rituals. Based on this millennia-old tradition, more and more cocoa lovers are organizing or taking part in cocoa ceremonies.

The idea is that in groups, often in combination with other activities such as meditation, dance and singing, you consume a drink made from raw cocoa in a gentle and attentive way and let the effects of the cocoa work on you in a stimulating and conscious environment . The recipes can vary a lot, but we always recommend preparation with water, a little coconut blossom sugar and a few spices so as not to spoil the taste of the cocoa too much.

Raw cacau: the benefits

• Enhances mood
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Helps on focus and creativity
• Facilitates emotional release (opens heart chakra)

Mental / Emotional

• Antioxidant
• Anti-inflammatory
• Rich in minerals (magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium)
• Boosts energy levels
• Improves brain funcion


• Promotes inner peace and healing
• Fosters a sense of community and connection